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Balloons can add a special touch to any occasion. There are two main types of balloons – latex and foil, and two main ways of filling them – helium and air. Each type and way has different advantages. For something so simple, there is actually a lot of background information to know about balloons! But don’t worry – that’s what we’re here for!


Latex balloons are a relatively cheap and effective way to decorate with balloons. They come in all the colours of the rainbow, and you can also get all different kinds of printed latex balloons. They come in a range of different sizes, from the standard 11″, to 16″ and big round 2 foot (60cm) and 3 foot (90cm) balloons.  The biggest disadvantage of latex balloons when filled with helium, is that they don’t float forever. Standard 11″ latex balloons will float at their best for 12 – 16 hours, meaning they are generally required to be picked up on the day of the event.

Foil balloons come in a massive range of prints, shapes, sizes and colours. The options with foil balloons are seemingly endless, and they can have a greater impact as opposed to latex balloons. When filled with helium foil balloons will float for longer than latex balloons, with the standard 18″ size floating for up to a week. The bigger the foil, the longer the float time. With all this in mind, foil balloons are dearer than latex balloons, and give a different look to latex balloons.

Helium filled balloons will float. They have a great impact, whether its just a small bunch as a gift for a friend, or a whole lot to decorate an entire space! Helium filled balloons have a shorter life span than air filled balloons, but they provide a different look which can be very impactful.

Air filled balloons will not float, however you can create some pretty amazing arrangements with air filled balloons!  The biggest benefit of air filled creations, is that they last a lot longer than helium balloons. An advantage to this is that you can get them earlier than helium balloons, allowing you more time to get organised! Air filled designs are also useful when you want your balloons to last longer than a day or two, such as if you wish to decorate a shop front for a week long sale or the like. The choice in designs and what you can do with air filled balloons is massive!

All thats left left to do now is the fun part – deciding on what you want!



Latex balloon bouquets are one of the most basic ways to decorate with balloons. They are simple, yet very effective. Prices start at $9.95 for 3 x 11″ latex balloons on a weight.


Latex double bubbles add some extra interest to your basic latex balloon.  Create a coloured bubble inside a clear latex balloon to match any theme you are going for. These are really effective!


For some extra fun, why not try a jumbo balloon. We currently stock 16″, 2 foot (60cm) round and 3 foot (90cm) round balloons. Jumbo balloons are effective on their own, or creative amazing impact when a part of a bouquet. We can also do gender reveal balloons!


Foil balloon bouquets are one of our most popular orders! Choose a foil that you like in your theme, and add a mix of latex balloons to create something a little more exciting. Add as many latex balloons as you would like depending on how big an impression you wish to make!


Bubble balloons are made from a special kind of stretchy plastic that allows the balloon to be blown up almost completely round, like a beach ball. These are really cool, and last even longer than foil balloons.


Confetti balloons are so much fun! We have a whole range of colours of confetti for you to choose from to custom make a balloon just for you! Confetti balloons come in 16″ latex, and big 2 foot (60cm) round and 3 foot (90cm) round latex balloons. Fun just on their own, or even more amazing as a part of a bouquet! Let yourself get really creative with these ones!


Air filled arrangements can be just as fun as helium balloons! The biggest advantage of air filled balloons is that they last much longer than helium filled balloons. There are all sorts of different air filled arrangements we can create for you!



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